Immerse yourself in Peter's knowledge, creativity & fascinating Photographic World.
A photographic experience like no other.

Studio Techniques & Posing

Peter will be teaching you everything you need to know to create incredible studio images! Learn how and why Peter’s methods are so logical and liberating, teaching you how light truly works, how to change, manipulate it + how to develop your style & look.

This intensive hands-on workshop will include 1-on-1 shooting, learning, as well covering model posing and communication – offering you fresh ideas on how to make photography and lighting simple and easy. 

Peter is one of the only photographic educators teaching how to create better photos without the expenses of a high-end model, stylists, makeup artist & luxurious location. Creativity is limitless, the skills you will learn can enable this for the rest of your career,
setting you distinctly apart & advanced from today’s industry standards.

Natural Light

Re-ignite your love and excitement for Photography by seeing, learning and shooting how Peter works outdoors, commercially and during his own creative photoshoots. Learn Peter’s techniques on how to find the perfect light in any location, in the most ugliest locations, with any model or client, creating flawless Beauty Portraits and Fashion Photographs.

Going through all weather conditions, Peter will teach you why middle of the day sun is the easiest and most stunning, and his favourite time of day to create dramatic and clean images that need minimum/no retouching!

Weddings, Children & Family, New Born, Fashion; any type of Photographer will be able to adapt Peter’s Natural Light skills and techniques to dramatically improve their photographic skills and business!


Learn Peter’s tools & functions that he uses in Photoshop, as well as his step-by-step processes from the raw file through to uploading images on the web. No frequency separation, actions or presets! Just simple darkroom techniques working with lightening & darkening.

Peter explains in detail what he does in Photoshop, how he uses it, and why he uses it. This jam-packed workshop will cover everything you need to know about his black and white images and all his retouching secrets to perfect incredibly simple retouching, that keeps your photos looking real!

Social Media tips and tricks will also be covered, which have gained Peter some of his most successful editorials & campaigns. Also receive Peter’s TIFF files edited from the workshop & previous retouched images so you can see every layer!

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