A Week with Peter Coulson 2024 – SOLD OUT

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd Febraury 2024
Koukei Studio – 9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South 3137. Vic, Australia

SOLD OUT – for waiting list please contact 

Pay in full – $3800AUD
Payment plan –  $760AUD sign up fee, then 4 payments of $760AUD every second week (total of $3800AUD)

Limited to 10 participants, spend 5 days in an intimate hands-on course with Fashion Photographer Peter Coulson. Peter will be teaching and covering everything from Studio Light, Natural Light, Flash Light, Photoshop, Posing,  Working with Models, Creating your own Photographic Style, Styling, Conceptualising, Digital Workflow, just to name a few things!

Learn more in 1 week then most university courses covers in 2 years! Immerse yourself in Peter’s knowledge and teachings for a full week of learning, creating, shooting & networking. Perfect for all levels of photography, from beginners to seasonal professionals.


Week Schedule:

Day 1:
10am-5pm – Introduction to technicals & Studio Techniques

Day 2:
10am-5pm – Advanced Studio Techniques

Day 3:
10am-5.00pm – Natural Light workshop
Group Dinner

Day 4:
10am-1pm: Photoshop & digital workflow
1pm – 5pm: Posing & Working With Models

Day 5:
10.00am-1-00pm: Conceptual Shooting & Building a Set
1.00pm – 5pm: Recreating Peter’s lighting


Additional Information:

– We strictly allow 10 participants to these tickets.
–  Each participant is allocated 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Peter to discuss anything related to their photography business (besides image critique)
– Lunch and Refreshments included along with a light breakfast.
– Group dinner is included
– Professional models throughout the week
– Peter’s personal Photoshop action set
– Images taken during the workshop can be used for social media, website and portfolio use

What to bring:

– Camera (DSLR or mirrorless)
– Spare Memory Cards
– Spare Battery
– Camera manuals
– Lenses. You are welcome to bring as many or as little as you would like and what you think will suit your work best.
– Notepad & Pen
– Laptops are not necessary, but welcome for viewing images taken during workshop
– Spare Memory Cards

Please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions before you book. Your booking confirms this agreement

Day 1

Introduction to Technicals & Studio Techniques 

– Digital Work-flow
– Colour Management
– Seeing & Modifying Light
– Tricks to using Soft Boxes
– How to use 1 Light like a Professional
– Beauty & Fashion Lighting
– Learning how to use light so you don’t need Photoshop to make your image pop
– Talking models and communicating during a shoot

Day 2

Advanced Studio Techniques

– High Key Lighting
– Advanced techniques to improve your photography
– Advanced one light work
– Clamshell Lighting
– Beauty & Fashion Lighting
– Getting comfortable and confident as a Photographer
– Planning Storyboards & Styling
– What to do before you lift the camera
– How to make a good photo incredible
– Creating your own Photographic style
– Getting it right in Camera

Day 3

Natural Light

– Selecting the location
– Working with Natural Light
– See and modify light
– Using Natural reflectors
– Finding beautiful light in ugly locations
– Taking photos that do not need any retouching or adjustments
– Working with models on location
– Talking models and communicating during a shoot
– Lighting the Background

Day 4
Photoshop & Digital Workflow, Posing & Working With Models

– Digital Workflow & Raw Convert
– Colour Space
– Layers, Masks and Blending Modes
– Beauty Retouching
– Black & White
– Exporting, Printing & Dynamic Web Images
– Peter’s Tips & Tricks
– Communicating with Models
– Breaking bad Model habits
– Watch Peter shoot one-on-one with a model like he would during his own shoots
– Communication with team
– What to do when everything goes wrong

Day 5
Conceptual Shooting & Recreating Peter’s lighting

– Storyboarding
– Coming up with concepts
– Building a set in the studio
– Editorial shooting
– How to impart your style into the photoshoot
– Telling a story through fashion and photography
– How to make a good photo incredible
– Recreate one of Peter’s lighting set ups from scratch

SOLD OUT – for waiting list please contact

Become immersed in Peter Coulson’s knowledge, creativity, and his incredibly fascinating photographic World, as you experience his 5 Day Workshop – Designed to teach, inspire and reignite your creativity. The five days covers more content then most Photographic colleges teaches in 2 years! The focus is to teach you how Peter works technically, and how he works to achieves such a high standard of emotive, breathtaking and captivating photography; and how you can do this yourself!

Peter is one of the only photographic educators teaching how to create better photos without the expenses of a high-end model, stylists, makeup artist & luxurious location. Creativity is limitless, the skills you will learn can enable this for the rest of your career, setting you distinctly apart & advanced from today’s industry standards.

This intensive hands-on week workshop is now available to purchase in full, or sign up to a payment plan! Please note price does not include travel expenses or accommodation.

Hotel recommendation close to studio

Sage Melbourne Ringwood Hotel in area close to studio, next to large shopping centre with plenty of food options. Also walking distance to train station to explore Melbourne City.
The Sebel Ringwood New hotel also close to the studio, just down the road from a large shopping centre,
Clarion Hotel On Canterbury This hotel is 20 minutes drive from the studio. Not much food walking distance, but many food options close by.
Ringwood Royale – These are apartment style accomodation if you prefer to have more space and a kitchen

If you prefer to stay close to the city (CBD area is great, or Richmond if you would like to hire a car, more hotels with parking), you can hire a car to drive, or get a train and we will pick and drop you off at the train station.

Address & Times
Monday 19th Feb- 10.00am-5pm
9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South. 3137, Vic, Australia
Tuesday 20th Feb – 10.00am-5.00pm
9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South. 3137, Vic, Australia
Wednesday 21st Feb – 10.00am-5.00pm
9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South. 3137, Vic, Australia
Group Dinner – 400 Gradi, Eastland, Ringwood 3134
Thursday 22nd Feb – 10.00pm-5.00pm
9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South. 3137, Vic, Australia
Friday 23rd Feb – 10.00am-5.00pm
9 Trade Way, Kilsyth South. 3137, Vic, Australia

For any questions & information, please contact